Allagash Brewing Company

“Their careful planning and coordination during construction allowed us to maintain operations with minimal disruption.”

Rob Tod, President
Allagash Brewing Company

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With rising construction costs, pre-construction is more important than ever. Landry/French’s in-depth knowledge of today’s construction market means no surprises down the road.

The pre-construction phase is one of the most critical phases of a project, especially given today’s volatile construction market. It’s during this phase that a project’s scope is aligned with the budget and schedule objectives, while achieving the highest quality possible.

Landry/French believes in a collaborative approach to construction–one that begins with us engaged during the planning and pre-construction phase where we bring valuable insight through early analysis of design, budget, materials, and scheduling. This proactive approach during the pre-construction phase thoughtfully plans out every aspect of your project, mitigating any potential risks that may occur during the construction phase.

Pre-construction services

  • Provide Input During Scope Development
  • Identify Value Management Options
  • Conduct Constructability Reviews
  • Provide MEP Analysis and Estimating
  • Provide LEED/Sustainability Support
  • Provide BIM-based Clash Detection
  • Develop Budget and Cost Estimates
  • Develop Master Schedule
  • Identify and Purchase Long-Lead Items
  • Provide Procurement/Bid Management Services
  • Provide Safety Plan
  • Develop Quality Control/Quality Assurance Plan

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