Lean Construction

MAC Air Group

“The Landry/French team…built a quality facility that reflects our commitment of delivering excellent customer service to our clients.”

Allyn J. Caruso, President
MAC Air Group

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We’re continually looking for ways to create efficiencies and provide greater value for our clients. By embracing Lean principles, we’re able to maximize value while reducing waste, ultimately resulting in reduced costs, increased productivity, greater quality control and more reliable schedule.

Lean is a collaborative, interactive approach that requires a commitment of all team members to streamline a project’s processes by constantly striving to improve workflow. Landry/French applies lean principles such as pull planning to eliminate waste and deliver greater value to our clients. Through the use of web-based TouchPlan, we’re able to map out every aspect of the project, eliminating any redundancies or overlapping. It empowers each of the project’s subcontractors to create a collaborative schedule and manage the activities so that problem areas and constraints are addressed before they occur.

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