Casco Bay Ferry Terminal, Phases II and III


Landry/French Construction was hired for Phase II and Phase III, five years after completing the Phase I addition and renovations to the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal.

Phase II will include a 6,000-SF addition of a second floor over the existing administrative area, allowing administrative activities to move to the second floor and opening up the first floor for support operations and increased freight traffic. The work will also re-condition much of the foundation system of the existing pier, adding a pier extension to accommodate an additional ferry. The site will also be enhanced to provide visitors with an improved experience as they arrive at the terminal, either on foot or in their vehicle. A proposed dedicated sidewalk through the center of the site will improve ease of access and separate freight operations from pedestrian access.

Phase III terminal renovations will improve embarkation and de-embarkation from several gates, increasing passenger and freight queuing areas.