Getting Personal

Getting Personal with Scott Cristina, Senior Superintendent

Where did you grow up.
I was born in New York just outside of Buffalo and moved to Jay, Maine in 1975 when my father’s job was transferred to International Paper Co.

First job.
I worked at a local restaurant and golf course in high school.

What did you do after high school.
Attended CMTVI now Central Maine Community College.

What would your closest friend say is your greatest attribute.
Regardless of the time of day, I would stop and assist them in any way that was needed.

I have been married to my wife Linda for 25 years last February. I also have two daughters Victoria and Kimberly.

Favorite place to travel.
We have been very fortunate to travel with our kids nearly every February to somewhere warm. We have been on many cruises and trips to Florida with the whole family. All of the Caribbean islands are at the top of the list!

What is something else we might not know.
I enjoy cooking for family and friends. My family has a long line of great cooks and it comes very naturally.

Hunting and fishing with friends for those sacred long weekends at camp, as well as golfing.

Dream occupation.
I have always wanted to be in this industry and truly enjoy coming to work every day, although if I had to change for some reason I would have probably picked something in the medical field. My youngest daughter spent an extended period of time at Boston Children’s when she was very little and watching what can happen medically today is incredible. She is doing great today without any complications. I worked almost exclusively in medical facilities for about 16 years on various projects. I saw firsthand behind the scenes all different sides of the medical field and people at their worst moment and people at their best. It seems very rewarding to help others when possible. I always put extra effort into these projects knowing that someday they may make a difference in someone’s life.

What do you want to do when you retire.
That day seems so far off but so didn’t turning 50 or having our 25th wedding anniversary! We will likely have a summer home somewhere warm so we can enjoy golfing, fishing or just relaxing year round.