Getting Personal

Inspiring Others

Inspiration often comes in many forms and from many people.

An example comes from our own Ed Pellerin, a Project Superintendent with Landry/French. He recently shared his incredible 35-pound weight loss with co-workers. He talked candidly about what motivated him, and the challenges he encountered on his journey. The “before” and “after” pictures were stunning and showed a much healthier Ed.

Ed’s story not only resonated with those who have tried losing weight, but also was a source of inspiration for some at Landry/French. After reading Ed’s story, Kevin French decided to get serious about losing weight.

Determined to get to a healthier weight, Kevin began his own weight-loss journey. His plan included making sensible food choices, limiting portions, and temporarily eliminating alcohol. In just 6 short weeks, Kevin lost 40 pounds!

With the weight loss, he’s acknowledged he has more energy than ever before. “It has been more of a lifestyle change, not really a diet,” acknowledged Kevin.